Tire Care Tips

Free Tire Inspections Available without an Appointment

Tires are an investment in your safety because tires and brakes work together when stopping a vehicle. That's why 88 Tire Shop encourages you to maintain your tires from the day of purchase until the day of replacement.

Maintain Proper Inflation Pressures to Extend Tire Life

88 Tire Shop has years of experience in the tire business, so it understands that proper inflation pressures are necessary for your tires to wear and perform correctly. For example, under inflation creates excessive stress and heat within a tire increasing the risk of tire failure and drag between the tire and the road, which leads to excessive fuel consumption. On the other hand, over inflation causes uneven tread wear and handling and stopping problems.

Visit 88 Tire Shop without an appointment for a tire inspection at no charge.

What to Remember when Checking Tire Inflation Pressures

  • Correct inflation pressures are listed on the vehicle placard inside the door, fuel door, glove box and/or vehicle's manual.
  • Tire pressures listed on tire sidewalls are the maximum inflation pressures and do not take your vehicle's weight and load into consideration, which affect your tire pressure.
  • Only check pressures when the vehicle has not been driven for at least three hours so the tires may cool and produce an accurate reading. Warm tires contain higher pressures and cause inaccurate readings

Observing Tire Load Ratings Helps Extend Tire Life

You're loading your vehicle for a long summer road trip. With each bag and person added, your vehicle gets heavier. Have you given any thought to how all of this weight affects the safety and performance of your tires?

Every tire has a load rating that indicates the maximum weight your tires can safely handle. The vehicle should be included in that maximum weight. A vehicle that exceeds its tires' load rating generates excessive heat within the tires and cause them to deteriorate more quickly. 88 Tire Shop understands the importance of matching the right tire to the right vehicle according to the load it is capable of carrying.

Protect your investment in tires and keep your vehicle on the road by observing your tires' load ratings. A vehicle's load can be found on the placard inside its door and also in its owner's manual. That load should always be considered when selecting new tires. Sacrificing the tires' load for another feature or different price could compromise your vehicle's performance.

Let 88 Tire Shop assist you in matching the appropriate tires to your vehicle's load. 88 Tire Shop always has a variety of tires with different load ratings in stock including those in its current specials. If your current tires don't need replacing, visit 88 Tire Shop for a free tire inspection to make sure they are capable of carrying your vehicle's load during the miles ahead. There's never a charge for tire inspections at 88 Tire Shop and appointments are never required, so monitoring the condition of your tires is as easy as driving onto a 88 Tire Shop parking lot.