Modern day tire repairs

Years ago you had products that repaired a tire that were fine for the type of tires that existed on automobiles of the same class. These days things are different, in which tires and wheel packages come in so many different sizes, classes and combinations for looks and performance.

88 Tire Shop has a complete line of tire materials for any size injury, from pinhole repairs on passenger cars/SUVs through repairs in giant/wide high performance tires. 88 Tire Shop offers:

  • Regular Plugs
  • Vulcanizing Plugs that become part of the tire
  • Patch Systems
  • Vulcanizing Patch Systems

All of tire repairs are done by trained technicians, and are tripled checked for 100% repair grade for safety and insurance that the fix will perform as expected. 88 Tire Shop uses top of the line tools and products in tire repair.

Drive up to 88 Tire Shop and get your tire repaired with no appointment. Our technicians will be glad to assist you I making the right decision and get you back on the road again.

Note: 88 Tire Shop WIL NOT REPAIR ANY DAMAGE TO A SIDEWALL OF A TIRE. Any damage to a sidewall of a tire CAN NOT be fixed, and the tire should be replaced. There are no exceptions.