Affordaable High tech computer 3D Imaging wheel alignment at 88 Tire Shop

Proper Alignment Promotes Even Tread Wear

If a vehicle isn't properly aligned, even the highest quality tires will have a difficult time performing and wearing correctly. To understand how tires wear when a vehicle isn't properly aligned, try walking on the outsides of your feet. You'll notice it's difficult to walk in a straight line, and it takes more energy to move even over a short distance. That's exactly how your vehicle operates when it isn't properly aligned, it doesn't drive straight, the tires wear more quickly on the inside or outside of the tread and it requires more fuel to roll.

88 Tire Shop knows how important keeping a vehicle aligned is to getting the maximum amount of tread life from a set of tires, keeping a vehicle on a straight path and conserving fuel. That's why 88 Tire Shop trains and updates its technicians to provide accurate front end and four-wheel checks and assessments to inform customers of problems. 88 Tire Shop also offers affiliate frontend professionals, which allows customers to decide of a major repair center that will rectify any problems that 88 Tire Shop does not provide a service for. Please inquire with your 88 Tire Shop salesman for more information.