Custom Wheels Take a Vehicle from Ordinary to Extraordinary

What would make your vehicle stand out if you parked it next to an identical vehicle? Custom wheels would.

Make your car, truck or SUV go from ordinary to extraordinary with custom mag wheels from 88 Tire Shop. Custom wheels are available in sizes up to 28". Chrome, black and other finishes are available with a wide selection of sizes and styles.

Outside of buying a new vehicle, custom wheel purchases are one of the most enjoyable, noticeable vehicle purchases you can make. Plus, 88 Tire Shop's years in the tire and wheel business gives it the buying power to purchase its wheels direct from manufacturers and pass the savings along to you. Check out 88 Tire Shop current specials for unbelievably affordable tire and wheel packages, or visit our location to create your own custom tire and wheel combo.

Got Wheels and Tires from the internet?, or another dealer? NO PROBLEM! 88 Tire Shop is equipped with the latest tire machines and computerized wheel balancers to mount, balance and install your dream tire and wheel combination. Come by 88 Tire Shop and let us get those beauties on the road for you.

Visit 88 Tire Shop Monday through Sunday, and make your vehicle stand out from the crowd with new tires and custom wheels.